Wayne Robson is a Polymath (a term otherwise known by its far more popular variation of ‘a multi-talented arse hole’).

He currently works as a freelance artist across various fields. Wayne spent 2 1/2 years working as an external contractor for Chaos Group on documentation for V-Ray for 3Ds Max, V-Ray for Maya, V-Ray for Modo and V-Ray for Nuke. As a 3D artist he has worked as Lead Lighting Artist for MPC Montreal on the film Fantastic Four, at Screen Scene as 3D Supervisor on on the film Last Days on Mars, and has worked in Television and advertising. He was also a Senior Environment Artist at Rockstar Games (Although nothing is allowed to be shown fomr his time there due to NDA's).

He is also a musician, a composer and a music producer ), plays multiple instruments (well!) such as Lead Guitar, Mandolin,Bass guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Ukulele, Banjo (although he is rather rusty on the drums at the moment). He also has worked as a sound engineer and session musician in the deep dark and distant past and has released a number of albums that have been played on radio in some very strange places. He currently releases music under both his own name and also under the name ‘GSMA’.

He is also a traditional painter, painting only with Acrylics on canvas with many of his paintings now in private collections. He also is a talented programmer fluent in a number of computer languages, from C++, to JavaScript to python, to Maxscript to Mel and beyond. He is also known for his R & D side which has seen some interesting innovations pop out of his caffeine addled brain.

Wayne is also a writer and he has also had many articles published on non 3D and art subjects under a pseudonym. Mostly covering serious subjects, he feels it best for that to remain separate from everything else he does.



He was the first person to ever be awarded the Autodesk Master Award for Mudbox. Wayne has taught Mudbox around the world and was asked to lecture at the Vienna Science Academy. His work was seen by 1/3 of the planet at the London 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony, and as 3D Supervisor on the Sci-Fi film 'Last Days on Mars' (September 2013). He has worked on TV series such as TV Movie 'Moonfleet' starring ray Winstone, Ripper Street, Young Dracula, Bedlam and many others he can no longer remember off the top of his head.

He is the programmer behind 'MudWalker', 'ReDucto' and the 'Wayne's Vector Displacement Shader' for use with Mental ray using Mudbox vector displacement maps (although its been a year or two since he programmed anythig of note). As a freelance artist he has worked in TV, Games and Film. He was the founder of Mudbox Hub and owner of PsychoCore Software. Wayne is acted as the Professor for FXPHD courses MOD301 (Advanced environment modelling) and MOD302 (3D Digital Environments) and has released commercial tutorial DVD's through many companies over the years with the latest of these being CMIvfx.

Wayne is also the Author of 15 DVD's (it may well be more to be honest…as he lost count some time back in 2009), 2 books, a huge amount of magazine articles and a large amount of digital sculptures. He has been an Autodesk Authorised Developer and publisher and has acted as consultant Autodesk. He has taught artists from top films FX houses and games firms from all over the world and his tutorial DVD's can be found at some of the top film FX and Game houses in the world. Wayne has been asked twice to do the Siggraph masterclasses for Autodesk Mudbox in both 2009 and in 2010.

He is known as well for being very fast as an artist..... At a live session in Holland in 2009 he created from scratch and took to final render a model in 55 mins in front of a standing room only audience. In 2010 he broke this speed with a 14min real time sculpture. In 2013 he produced the shot 'Monsters! (Episode 1) in just 3 days, on a single desktop machine as he was bored. He is also a very fast and prolific as a composer and musician producing the album ‘Fat Funky Bastard’ in 14 days (including playing all instruments, producing, and mastering all the tracks…and also designing the cover.)

Among the places he has worked for Rockstar Games, Screen Scene FX Dublin FXPHD, Cartoon Network, Disney, Hasbro, The Open University, Sky TV, BBC Films, Space digital, The Discovery Channel, 2Entertain, Project 2813 & smaller firms such as Design by Touch. Wayne taught the artists at CCP who make the game 'Eve Online', gave the 2009 & 2010 lectures for Siggraph on Autodesk Mudbox, taught The course tutors Mudbox and Motionbuilder 2 years running at Graphics Lyceum Rotterdam, gave practical demonstrations and lectures at the world biggest Game Jam and much more. He is also often brought into find unique solutions to difficult problems in pipelines at various companies for everything from cinematics to Games, TV and film. Wayne is also one of the people behind the conception of the 'iDog' that is a worldwide sucess (If you’re not familiar with the iDog please feel free to google and YouTube search it.).

He started life as an escape artist and still holds a world record that to this day remains unbroken. So as such comes from a rather different background to most 3D artists. As such he performed all over the world and won many awards. Due to a bizarre co-incidence of the 1980's financial depression here in the UK and a health problem at the time Wayne moved into different areas. After a while making a living as a session musician and guitar teacher he discovered the wonders of all things art related on a computer. In between all this he was homeless and living on the streets for a considerable time and clawed his way back out. He currently lives with his wife and 2 children he has from a previous relasionship in Consett in the Derwent Valley (which is officially the middle of nowhere.)

Wayne is available for only freelance work these days, but is available for live events and demonstrations, and does take commissions for his paintings.

His ‘hobbies' when he actually has time to fit them in, Paintings.... lots and lots of paintings, recording his own songs and releases regular albums ( including a classical album, a dark techno album,   and an electronic album), programming, Photography and DSLR film making, a rather scary film addiction, and doing very long walks in the deep countryside. He also likes to write about himself in the 3rd person, and has what has been called a 'unique' sense of humour that often seems to drive people slowly crazy. He can be found on Twitter here: www.Twitter.com/WayneRobson (just don’t expect the meaning of life from his tweets) and on YouTube here where he comes across as a bit of a nut job: (www.youtube.com/noggity). He can usually be found in front of a computer usually trying not to make cups meet wall related deaths when windows does a 'surprise' update crashing his machine. He does not always succeed. The cups usually deserve it.

Wayne is currently accused of war crimes against cups by the People’s Republic of Cuptopia for years of cup and wall related torture.  However Wayne obviously strongly denies these charges of hurting or torturing any cups and insists they all just fell down the stairs.