About Lectures and Live Events

Wayne Robson has trained both on site and remotely at a number of companies around the world and regularly does live demonstrations and lectures at 3D events and conventions.  He has lectured at the Vienna Science academy, the university of Skvode Sweden, Graphisch Lyceum Rotterdam, 3 yrs running at the End User Event and many other 3D Conventions & universities.  He has advised on 3D Courses at many of those same European universities and has released 14 DVD's, 1 book and has released hundred sof hours of free tutorials over the years on both Autodesk Mudbox and Zbrush.. 

Wayne is currently a Professor for FXPHD and has taught advanced environment modelling and currently is teaching creating 3D photorealistic mattes for production.  The course numbers are MOD301 and PNT301 respectively.  Wayne is available for onsite teaching and live event demonstrations providing it fit into his schedule as a freelance digital artist.  He is one of the most experienced teachers in 3D and as an Autodesk master you can be sure the training you or your staff receives is of the very highest quality.


Wayne Robson DVDsDVD's

Mudbox : A Practical guide (No longer on sale)
Mudbox: Advanced Concepts (No longer on sale)
Zbrush Total: Zbrush volume 1 (No longer on sale)
Zbrush Total Zbrush volume 2 (No longer on sale)
Essential Zbrush
Mudbox: WAVE 1 (Sold Out)
Mudbox: WAVE 2 (Sold Out)
Wayne Robson : LIVE in Berlin
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 1: Siggraph Masterclass 2009
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 2: Advanced Character Modelling
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 3: UDK Pipeline Masterclass
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 4: UDK, Clawman and Blue
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 5: The Minotaur
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 6: Organics Masterclass

Waynes DVD's can be bought via 3D-palace.com, 3dTotal.com and CGarena.com (and many other places)


Video Examples of On Site Training Sessions:


Skvode University 2011 session1

Skvode University 2011 session2

14 minute real time demonstration speed sculpt

Hundreds of hours of videos can also be found by searching on YouTube, Vimeo and various other sites


Written work:

BOOK: Essential Zbrush (Wordware)

3D Artist magazine (Jan 2012) Interview and Texturing a tree in Mudbox 2012

Zbrush Essential Magazine special (2010)

3D Creative Magazine: Mudbox Female head 6 part series
3D Creative Magazine: Speed Sculpting
3D Creative Magazine: Post Production part1
3D Creative Magazine: Post Production Part2
3D Creative Magazine: The Beginners Guide to Zbrush series (7 part series)